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Perfect mix of rigor, humor and motivation. The man

        has a way with getting me to practice and always

  surprising me with techniques that get me to my goal quickly.


      - Steven Edwards, 36


       I just played in my first recital - something Shain made possible by 

        getting me through many blocks and having confidence in me. I

         appreciate all I have learned. Can't reccommend him enough.


                 - Meghan Simmons, 16




I believe in tailoring Cello lessons to each student’s individual musical interests. While classical music is my main focus, there are many kinds of music that I enjoy and work with students to develop – including Jazz, Rock, World music and improvisation.


Regardless of the kind of music a student wants to play, a solid base of technique is essential. With this in mind, a steady regimen of scales and etudes (studies designed to perfect specific technique building skills) are a part of my students’ private practice and cello lessons. An understanding of Classical Music’s history, a foundation of theory, ear training, and rhythm are all important aspects of my cello student’s education as well.


Matching repertoire to a student’s interest and playing ability is the key to maintaining and strengthening motivation for my students. I enjoy finding unique pieces that students are inspired by, and working with compositions that my students bring in. 


Often I will accompany students on the piano and cello as we develop a piece. This provides a dynamic necessary for learning ensemble playing - a rewarding social aspect for cellist's growth. I am involved in coaching numerous student orchestras and ensembles, and have seen this facet of playing spark inspiration and growth for many of my students.


Other valuable components of my cello instruction approach include the use of both audio and video recording when appropriate to support a student in their technical skill building. Years of teaching and playing have taught me that self awareness is an integral part of one’s music education. 


Cello lessons must be fun and rewarding in order for the student to generate the focus, passion and commitment to persist and thrive. After all, music making should be a pleasure and a source of inspiration and expression. With this in mind, I bring a sense of ease, humor, and compassion to the lessons.

After two other cello teachers, our daughter finally found the right match in Shain.  He was able to find her spark and nurture it with patience and skill.


     - Mindy Morgenstein  (parent)

C E L L O   I N S T R U C T I O N


I teach in the East Bay, San Francisco and South Bay.   My Home Studio is in North Berkeley - situated in the beautiful Westbrae neighborhood close to the North Berkeley Bart station .


My Home Studio is where I teach private lessons, host my Cello studio recitals, as well as maintain a concert series for local innovators of the Bay Area classical, folk, world and contemporary music scene.  All students are invited to participate in these events and it is a great way for students, family and friends to gain inspiration and motivation. This helps focus on their continued skill building while connecting with other musicians.


Rates:  $75/ 1 hour // $60/ 45 minutes  // $45/ 30 minutes

*Sliding scale offered to select number of students – please contact me directly to inquire about current availability.












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